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0899108-1-2016W   Comp Legal Writing and Research (Part 2) (Prof. Reem Bahdi)
0899108-2-2016W   Comp Legal Writing and Research (Part 2) (Prof. Reem Bahdi)
0899218-1-2016W   Environmental Law (Ms. Mercedes Lavoy)
0899804-1-2016W   Entertainment Law (TBA)
0899807-1-2016W   Immigration Law (TBA)
0899813-1-2016W   Remedies (TBA)
0899815-1-2016W   Estates and Trusts (TBA)
0899817-1-2016W   Conflict of Laws (TBA)
0899827-1-2016W   Cdn & US Professional Responsibility (TBA)
0899833-1-2016W   Directed Research (TBA)
0899834-1-2016W   Introduction to French Law (TBA)
0899846-1-2016W   Trial Practice (TBA)
0899846-2-2016W   Trial Practice (TBA)
0899846-3-2016W   Trial Practice (TBA)
0899847-1-2016W   Topic: Franchising Law LFP (TBA)
0899870-1-2016W   Immigration Law Clinic (TBA)
0899876-1-2016W   National Security Law (TBA)
0899880-1-2016W   Cdn & US Business Organizations (TBA)
0899882-1-2016W   Urban Law Clinic (TBA)
0899892-1-2016W   Michigan Bar Exam Strategy (TBA)
0899892-2-2016W   Multistate Bar Exam Prep. (TBA)
0899901-1-2016W   Jurisprudence (TBA)
0899905-1-2016W   Immigration LFP (TBA)
0899909-1-2016W   European Community Law (TBA)
0899910-1-2016W   Topic: Conflicts of Law (TBA)
0899926-1-2016W   Mediation Clinic (TBA)
0899931-1-2016W   Cdn & US Torts (Prof. Reem Bahdi)
0899932-1-2016W   International Trade and NAFTA (TBA)
0899933-1-2016W   CDN/US Torts Module (TBA)
0899934-1-2016W   US Civil Procedure (TBA)
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