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0898498-34-2016W   International Exchange-Victoria (NZ) (TBA)
0898801-1-2016W   Property (Dr. Paul Ocheje)
0898801-2-2016W   Property (Dr. Paul Ocheje)
0898803-1-2016W   Contracts (Mrs. Marcela Aroca)
0898803-2-2016W   Contracts (Dr. Pascale Chapdelaine)
0898803-3-2016W   Contracts (Prof. Claire Mumme)
0898805-1-2016W   Criminal Law & Procedure (Prof. Brian Etherington)
0898805-2-2016W   Criminal Law & Procedure (Prof. David Tanovich)
0898805-3-2016W   Criminal Law and Procedure (Dr. Sara Wharton)
0898807-1-2016W   Legal Writing (Prof. Ruth Kuras)
0898807-2-2016W   Legal Writing (Prof. Ruth Kuras)
0898807-3-2016W   Legal Writing (Ms. Maggie Liddle)
0898807-4-2016W   Legal Writing (Ms. Maggie Liddle)
0898809-1-2016W   Torts Law 1 (Prof. Larry Wilson)
0898809-2-2016W   Torts Law I (Mr. Stephen Marentette)
0898809-3-2016W   Torts Law I (Ms. Colleen Caza)
0898810-1-2016W   Constitutional Law (Prof. Richard Moon)
0898810-2-2016W   Constitutional Law (Prof. Richard Moon)
0898810-3-2016W   Constitutional Law (Prof. Bruce Elman)
0898813-1-2016W   Cdn & US Property (Dr. Anneke Smit)
0898813-2-2016W   Cdn & US Property (Dr. Anneke Smit)
0898814-1-2016W   Cdn & US Contracts (Mrs. Marcela Aroca)
0898814-2-2016W   Cdn & US Contracts (Mrs. Marcela Aroca)
0898815-1-2016W   Cdn & US Criminal Law (Prof. Larry Wilson)
0898815-2-2016W   Cdn & US Criminal Law (Ms. Ilana Mizel)
0898816-1-2016W   Cdn Constitutional Law (Prof. Bruce Elman)
0898826-1-2016W   Civil Procedure (Dr. Noel Semple)
0898826-2-2016W   Civil Procedure (Dr. Noel Semple)
0898827-1-2016W   Dispute Resoln:Theory, Context, Practice (Dr. Julie Macfarlane)
0898828-1-2016W   The Lawyer as Conflict Resolver (Mrs. Kadey Schultz)
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