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0795103-1-2016W   Intro to Kinesiology:Mvt Sci. Perspec. (Mr. Lawrence Leigh)
0795200-1-2016W   Health and Wellness (Sara Santarossa)
0795205-1-2016W   Introductory Exercise Physiology (Dr. Matthew Krause)
0795210-1-2016W   Human Performance (Ms. Alex Wiseman)
0795230-1-2016W   Sociology of Sport & Physical Activities (Dr. Victoria Paraschak)
0795250-1-2016W   Principles of Sport Management (Dr. Jess Dixon)
0795269-1-2016W   Measurement and Evaluation (Dr. Wayne Marino)
0795285-1-2016W   Human Growth & Development (Kelly Carr)
0795299-1-2016W   Co-op Work Experience I (Mr. Chad Sutherland)
0795303-1-2016W   Imagery Effects of Performance (Dr. Krista Chandler)
0795345-1-2016W   Sport Marketing (Dr. Marijke Taks)
0795350-1-2016W   Organizational Behaviour (Dr. Craig Greenham)
0795351-1-2016W   Strategic Planning of Sport Events (Dr. Jess Dixon)
0795355-1-2016W   Socio-Economic Aspects of Sport/Leisure (Dr. Marijke Taks)
0795362-1-2016W   Human Factors & Work Performance (Dr. Dave Andrews)
0795388-1-2016W   Practice, Theory, & Analysis in Football (Mr. Joe D'amore)
0795394-1-2016W   Prac, Theory, & Analysis of Volleyball (Mr. Lucas Hodgson)
0795398-1-2016W   Prac, Theory, & Anal. Physical Fitness (Mr. Donnavan Carter)
0795399-1-2016W   Co-op Work Experience II (Mr. Chad Sutherland)
0795408-1-2016W   Dynamics of Skill Acquisition (Dr. Nancy Mcnevin)
0795433-1-2016W   Selected Topics in Sport Leadership (Dr. Todd Loughead)
0795460-1-2016W   Cardiovascular Physiology (Dr. Kenji Kenno)
0795462-1-2016W   Exercise in Extreme Environments (Dr. Kevin Milne)
0795465-1-2016W   Ergonomics & Injury-Prevention (Dr. Joel Cort)
0795471-1-2016W   Physiological Basis of Sports Therapy (Dr. Nancy Mcnevin)
0795473-1-2016W   The Social Construction of Leisure (Dr. Victoria Paraschak)
0795475-1-2016W   Individual Studies (TBA)
0795475-2-2016W   Individual Studies (TBA)
0795490-1-2016W   Topic: Hockey in Canada (Dr. Craig Greenham)
0795490-2-2016W   Special Topics: Media and Sport (Dr. Craig Greenham)
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