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Environmental Engineering
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0693361-1-2016W   Transport Phenomena (Dr. Abdul-Fattah Asfour)
0693362-1-2016W   Air Pollution Control (Dr. Lindsay Miller-Branovacki)
0693363-1-2016W   Water and Wastewater Treatment (Dr. Niharendu Biswas)
0693364-1-2016W   Materials Recovery and Waste Management (Dr. Rajesh Seth)
0693400-1-2016W   Capstone Design Project (Dr. Faouzi Ghrib)
0693471-1-2016W   Water Distribution/Wastewater Collection (Dr. Rajesh Seth)
0693472-1-2016W   Chemical Reaction Engineering (Dr. Abdul-Fattah Asfour)
0693473-1-2016W   Environmental Engineering Microbiology (Dr. Jerald Lalman)
0693530-1-2016W   Water Pollution Control (Dr. Niharendu Biswas)
0693541-1-2016W   Air Pollution Modelling (Dr. Lindsay Miller-Branovacki)
0693542-1-2016W   Air Pollution Modelling (Dr. Lindsay Miller-Branovacki)
0693550-1-2016W   Sustainability: Principles and Practices (Dr. Edwin Tam)
0693590-20-2016W   Special Topics: Biochemical Processing (Dr. Jerald Lalman)
0693796-1-2016W   Major Paper (TBA)
0693797-1-2016W   Thesis (TBA)
0693798-1-2016W   Dissertation (TBA)
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