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Mechanical Engineering
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0692400-1-2016W   Capstone Design (Dr. Colin Novak)
0692411-1-2016W   Design for Failure Prevention (Dr. Jennifer Johrendt)
0692411-2-2016W   Design for Failure Prevention (Dr. Jennifer Johrendt)
0692418-1-2016W   Thermofluid Systems Design (Dr. Biao Zhou)
0692418-2-2016W   Thermofluid Systems Design (Dr. Biao Zhou)
0692440-2-2016W   Topic: Applied Modeling in Engineering (Dr. Edward Lang)
0692450-1-2016W   Gas Dynamics (Dr. Gary Rankin)
0692453-1-2016W   Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (Dr. Gary Rankin)
0692503-1-2016W   Topic: Turbulent Flow (Dr. David Ting)
0692530-1-2016W   Combustion Engineering (Dr. David Ting)
0692544-1-2016W   Finite Element/Crash & Impact Analysis (Dr. Bill Altenhof)
0692590-11-2016W   Topic: Advanced Manufacturing (Dr. Jill Urbanic)
0692590-18-2016W   Topic: Engineers, the Military & Society (Dr. Graham Reader)
0692590-19-2016W   Topic: Engineers, the Military & Society (Dr. Graham Reader)
0692590-21-2016W   Special Topic - Tribology (Dr. Vesselin Stoilov)
0692590-27-2016W   Automotive Body Structures (Dr. Sudip Bhattacharjee)
0692590-33-2016W   Special Topic: Automotive NVH (Dr. Colin Novak)
0692590-47-2016W   Neural Network Applns in Mech. Eng. (Dr. Jennifer Johrendt)
0692590-7-2016W   Industrial Exp. And Applied Statistics (Dr. Michael Wang)
0692595-1-2016W   MASc Graduate Seminar (Dr. Ronald Barron)
0692695-1-2016W   PHD Graduate Seminar (Dr. Ronald Barron)
0692796-1-2016W   Major Paper (Dr. Biao Zhou)
0692797-1-2016W   Thesis (Dr. Henry Hu)
0692798-1-2016W   Dissertation (Dr. Henry Hu)
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