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Industrial Engineering
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0691302-1-2016W   Health, Safety and Human Factors (Dr. Leo Oriet)
0691311-1-2016W   Computer-Aided Design/Computer Aided Mfg (Dr. Ahmed Azab Ismail)
0691327-1-2016W   Product Quality and Reliability (Dr. Michael Wang)
0691391-1-2016W   Supply Chain Engineering (Dr. Guoqing Zhang)
0691400-1-2016W   Capstone Industrial Design Projects (Dr. Jill Urbanic)
0691412-1-2016W   Operations Research II (Dr. Walid Abdul- Kader)
0691431-1-2016W   Flexible Manufacturing Systems (Dr. Hoda El Maraghy)
0691435-1-2016W   DOE Techniques for Manufacturing (Dr. Leo Oriet)
0691501-1-2016W   Industrial Exp.and Applied Statistics (Dr. Michael Wang)
0691502-1-2016W   Manufacturing Systems Simulation (Dr. Walid Abdul- Kader)
0691512-1-2016W   Manufacturing Systems Paradigms (Dr. Hoda El Maraghy)
0691520-1-2016W   Engineering Applications in Health Care (Dr. Zbigniew Pasek)
0691590-21-2016W   Special Topics (Dr. Jill Urbanic)
0691590-31-2016W   Special Topics: Operations Research II (Dr. Walid Abdul- Kader)
0691590-32-2016W   Sp. Topic: Flexible Manufacturing System (Dr. Hoda El Maraghy)
0691595-1-2016W   Graduate Seminar (Dr. Waguih ElMaraghy)
0691796-1-2016W   Major Paper (TBA)
0691797-1-2016W   Thesis (TBA)
0691798-1-2016W   Dissertation (TBA)
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