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Electrical Engineering
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0688217-1-2016W   Digital Logic Design I (Dr. Majid Ahmadi)
0688224-1-2016W   Signals and Systems (Dr. Behnam Shahrrava)
0688225-1-2016W   Physical Electronics (Dr. Sazzadur Chowdhury)
0688226-1-2016W   Electronics I (Dr. Mitra Mirhassani)
0688228-1-2016W   Electromagnetic Fields (Dr. Behnam Shahrrava)
0688400-1-2016W   Capstone Design Project (Dr. Kemal Tepe)
0688419-1-2016W   Digital Communications (Dr. Esam Abdel-Raheem)
0688431-1-2016W   Control Systems II (Dr. Xiang Chen)
0688436-1-2016W   Computer Communications (Dr. Kemal Tepe)
0688437-1-2016W   Intelligent Computing (Dr. Hon Kwan)
0688443-1-2016W   Embedded System Design (Dr. Mohammed Khalid)
0688444-1-2016W   Topic: Analog Integrated Circuit Design (Dr. Mitra Mirhassani)
0688445-1-2016W   Power Electronics (Dr. Narayan Kar)
0688448-1-2016W   Topic: Digital Computer Architecture (Dr. Roberto Muscedere)
0688450-1-2016W   Power Systems I (TBA)
0688457-1-2016W   Fundamentals of Digital Signal Process.g (Dr. Esam Abdel-Raheem)
0688524-1-2016W   Stochastic Processes (Dr. Behnam Shahrrava)
0688529-1-2016W   Discrete Transforms & Number Theoretical (Dr. Huapeng Wu)
0688552-1-2016W   Advanced Topics in MEMS (Dr. Sazzadur Chowdhury)
0688556-1-2016W   Computer Networks (Dr. Kemal Tepe)
0688560-1-2016W   Reconfigurable Computing (Dr. Mohammed Khalid)
0688590-10-2016W   Topic: Engineers, the Military & Society (Dr. Graham Reader)
0688590-11-2016W   Topic: Engineers, the Military & Society (Dr. Graham Reader)
0688590-16-2016W   Special Topic: Advances in Cybersecurity (Dr. Huapeng Wu)
0688590-2-2016W   SpTp Analog Integrated Circuit Design (Dr. Mitra Mirhassani)
0688590-3-2016W   Sp. Topic: Digital Computer Architecture (Dr. Roberto Muscedere)
0688590-30-2016W   Adv Enrgy Stg Sys-Elec Auto Space Marine (TBA)
0688590-6-2016W   Special Topics: Embedded System Design (Dr. Mohammed Khalid)
0688590-7-2016W   Special Topic: Power Electronics (Dr. Narayan Kar)
0688590-9-2016W   Special Topic: Digital Communications (Dr. Esam Abdel-Raheem)
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