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Civil Engineering
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0687219-1-2016W   Materials in Civil and Environmental Eng (Dr. Shaohong Cheng)
0687220-1-2016W   Civil Engineering Information Systems (Mrs. Wafa Polies)
0687400-1-2016W   Capstone Design Project (Dr. Faouzi Ghrib)
0687471-1-2016W   Hydrology I (Dr. Tirupati Bolisetti)
0687472-1-2016W   Hydraulics I (Dr. Rupp Carriveau)
0687590-23-2016W   Special Topic: Wind Engineering (Dr. Shaohong Cheng)
0687590-26-2016W   Topic: Freight Transporation Analysis (Dr. Hanna Maoh)
0687590-32-2016W   Special Topic:Water Resources Management (Dr. Tirupati Bolisetti)
0687590-36-2016W   Special Topics: Road Safety Analysis (Dr. Chris Lee)
0687590-6-2016W   Special Topics In Civil Engineering (Dr. Tirupati Bolisetti)
0687590-9-2016W   Topic: Advanced Finite Element Methods (Dr. Faouzi Ghrib)
0687796-1-2016W   Major Paper (TBA)
0687797-1-2016W   Thesis (TBA)
0687798-1-2016W   Dissertation (TBA)
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