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General Engineering
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0685111-1-2016W   Engineering Mechanics I (Dr. Niharendu Biswas)
0685118-1-2016W   Engineering and the Profession (Dr. Leo Oriet)
0685119-1-2016W   Technical Communications (Dr. Jacqueline Stagner)
0685119-2-2016W   Technical Communications (Dr. Jacqueline Stagner)
0685120-1-2016W   Engineering Thermofluids (Dr. Rupp Carriveau)
0685120-2-2016W   Engineering Thermofluids (Dr. Rupp Carriveau)
0685133-1-2016W   Engineering and Design (Dr. Vesselina Roussinova)
0685218-1-2016W   Mechanics of Deformable Bodies (Dr. Daniel Green)
0685218-2-2016W   Mechanics of Deformable Bodies (Dr. Chris Lee)
0685219-1-2016W   Introduction to Engineering Materials (Dr. Afsaneh Edrisy)
0685219-2-2016W   Introduction to Engineering Materials (Dr. Afsaneh Edrisy)
0685220-1-2016W   Numerical Analysis for Engineering (Dr. Edward Lang)
0685220-2-2016W   Numerical Analysis for Engineering (Dr. Edward Lang)
0685222-1-2016W   Treatment of Experimental Data (Dr. Zbigniew Pasek)
0685222-2-2016W   Treatment of Experimental Data (Dr. Guoqing Zhang)
0685230-1-2016W   Advanced Engineering and Design (Dr. Daniela Pusca)
0685230-2-2016W   Advanced Engineering and Design (Dr. Daniela Pusca)
0685298-1-2016W   Work Term I (TBA)
0685398-1-2016W   Work Term II (TBA)
0685421-1-2016W   Engineering & Society (Dr. Waguih ElMaraghy)
0685498-1-2016W   Work Term III (TBA)
0685498-2-2016W   Work Term III (TBA)
0685500-2-2016W   Advanced Internal Combustion Engines (Dr. Andrzej Sobiesiak)
0685511-1-2016W   Bluff Body Aerodynamics (TBA)
0685511-2-2016W   Bluff Body Aerodynamics (Gus Nasif)
0685519-1-2016W   Engineering Technical Communications (Dr. Lindsay Miller-Branovacki)
0685525-1-2016W   Auto Apps for Noise/Vibration/Harshness (Dr. Colin Novak)
0685530-1-2016W   Fundamentals of Automotive Engineering (Dr. Muhammad Owais Iqbal)
0685550-1-2016W   Engineering Project Management (Mr. Peter Bziuk)
0685701-1-2016W   Work Term/Internship (TBA)
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