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Strategy & Entrepreneurship
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0475100-1-2016W   Introduction to Business (Mr. Roger Bryan)
0475100-30-2016W   Introduction to Business (Mr. Fabio Costante)
0475205-1-2016W   B. Comm. Co-op Work Term I (TBA)
0475290-1-2016W   Fundamentals of Entrepreneur (Celso Oliveira)
0475290-95-2016W   Fundamentals of Entrepreneur (Mr. Fabio Costante)
0475305-1-2016W   B. Comm. Co-op Work Term II (TBA)
0475390-1-2016W   Entrepreneurial Resource Management (Dr. Thomas Kenworthy)
0475391-30-2016W   New Venture Formation (Dr. Thomas Kenworthy)
0475393-1-2016W   International Business (Mr. Reinold Kosciuw)
0475397-1-2016W   Law & Business Administration (Mr. Craig Allen)
0475397-2-2016W   Law & Business Administration (Mr. Werner Keller)
0475397-30-2016W   Law & Business Administration (Mr. Craig Allen)
0475405-1-2016W   B. Comm. Co-op Work Term III (TBA)
0475405-2-2016W   B. Comm. Co-op Work Term III (TBA)
0475490-1-2016W   Strategy/Global Business Environment (Celso Oliveira)
0475491-2-2016W   Top. in Strat. Mgt/Soc.-Comm. Law (Mr. Werner Keller)
0475491-3-2016W   Spec Topics in Strategic Mgt/Entrep.ship (TBA)
0475491-4-2016W   Innovation in Healthcare Systems (TBA)
0475493-1-2016W   Field Study in Strategic Management/Entr (Dr. Francine Schlosser)
0475496-1-2016W   Enterprise Development Consulting (Dr. Francine Schlosser)
0475498-1-2016W   Strategic Management (Mr. Roger Bryan)
0475498-2-2016W   Strategic Management (Dr. Gerry Kerr)
0475498-3-2016W   Strategic Management (Dr. Huanglin Wang)
0475498-30-2016W   Strategic Management (Mr. Roger Bryan)
0475611-20-2016W   Project Management I (Mr. Jim Marsh)
0475690-20-2016W   Entre'ship-New Venture Formation (Dr. Gerry Kerr)
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