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0474131-1-2016W   Principles of Marketing (Dr. Bill Wellington)
0474131-30-2016W   Principles of Marketing (Dr. Bill Wellington)
0474232-1-2016W   Mktg. Problems-Applications & Decisions (Dr. David Hutchinson)
0474232-2-2016W   Mktg. Problems-Applications & Decisions (Dr. David Hutchinson)
0474234-1-2016W   Consumer Behaviour (Dr. Peter Voyer)
0474234-2-2016W   Consumer Behaviour (Dr. Peter Voyer)
0474332-1-2016W   Research Methods in Marketing (Dr. Chike Okechuku)
0474335-1-2016W   Marketing Channels (Dr. James Higginson)
0474337-1-2016W   Quantitative Analysis/Marketing Decision (Dr. Chike Okechuku)
0474338-30-2016W   Retail Marketing Management (Dr. John Dickinson)
0474339-1-2016W   Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Dr. James Higginson)
0474433-30-2016W   Internet Marketing (Dr. John Dickinson)
0474435-1-2016W   International Marketing (Dr. Vincent Georgie)
0474436-1-2016W   Advertising Management (Dr. Dave Bussiere)
0474437-1-2016W   Sales Management (Dr. Dave Bussiere)
0474438-1-2016W   International Logistics (Dr. James Higginson)
0474439-1-2016W   Marketing Strategy and Planning (Dr. Bill Wellington)
0474491-1-2016W   Topic: Customer Relationship Management (Dr. John Dickinson)
0474491-30-2016W   Top: Marketing Analytics (Dr. Dave Bussiere)
0474491-31-2016W   Special Topics in Marketing (TBA)
0474495-1-2016W   Event Management & Marketing (Dr. Martha Reavley)
0474631-20-2016W   Consumer Behaviour (Dr. Vincent Georgie)
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