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Management and Labour Studies
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0471100-1-2016W   Business Communications (Prof. Sandra Neposlan)
0471100-2-2016W   Business Communications (Prof. Sandra Neposlan)
0471100-3-2016W   Business Communications (Mr. Trevor Mcfadyen)
0471100-30-2016W   Business Communications (TBA)
0471100-4-2016W   Business Communications (Mr. Trevor Mcfadyen)
0471100-5-2016W   Business Communications (Mr. Trevor Mcfadyen)
0471240-1-2016W   Management and Organizational Life (Dr. Martha Reavley)
0471240-2-2016W   Management and Organizational Life (Dr. Zhenzhong Ma)
0471240-30-2016W   Management and Organizational Life (Dr. Wren Montgomery)
0471240-91-2016W   Management and Organizational Life (Dr. Martha Reavley)
0471243-1-2016W   Human Resources Management (TBA)
0471243-2-2016W   Human Resources Management (TBA)
0471243-3-2016W   Human Resources Management (Dr. Jacqueline Power)
0471243-30-2016W   Human Resources Management (Dr. Judith Decou)
0471243-4-2016W   Human Resources Management (Dr. Jacqueline Power)
0471300-1-2016W   Business Ethics in a Global Context (Dr. Wren Montgomery)
0471300-2-2016W   Business Ethics in a Global Context (Dr. Wren Montgomery)
0471344-30-2016W   Labour-Management Relations (TBA)
0471383-30-2016W   International Human Resources Management (Mr. Tony Mao)
0471441-1-2016W   Training and Development (Dr. Al-Karim Samnani)
0471445-1-2016W   Organization Design (Dr. Christopher Fredette)
0471448-30-2016W   Labour Law & Indus Legislation (Ms. Marilee Marcotte)
0471451-1-2016W   Organizational Staffing (Dr. Al-Karim Samnani)
0471452-1-2016W   Occupational Health and Safety (Prof. Len Drew)
0471485-1-2016W   Human Resources Planning (TBA)
0471491-1-2016W   Topic: Leadership and Coaching (Dr. Martha Reavley)
0471600-20-2016W   Business Ethics and Sustainability (Dr. Kent Walker)
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