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Environmental Science
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0366102-30-2016W   Atmosphere and Climate (Dr. Phil Graniero)
0366110-1-2016W   Natural Hazards and Disasters (Dr. Ihsan Al-Aasm)
0366140-1-2016W   Introduction to Earth Science (Dr. Ali Polat)
0366210-1-2016W   Introduction to Oceanography (Dr. Neil Porter)
0366213-1-2016W   Geology and the Environment (Dr. Frank Simpson)
0366216-1-2016W   Principles & Apps./Geog. Info. Systems (Ms. Alice Grgicak-Mannion)
0366220-1-2016W   Climatology (Dr. Jianwen Yang)
0366221-1-2016W   Environmental Geomorphology (Dr. Alan Trenhaile)
0366230-1-2016W   Hydrology (Dr. Phil Graniero)
0366231-1-2016W   Introduction to Petrology (Dr. Ali Polat)
0366232-1-2016W   Soils and Sediments (Dr. Ihsan Al-Aasm)
0366246-1-2016W   Environmental Decision Analysis (Dr. Frank Simpson)
0366334-1-2016W   Environmental Impact Assessment (Dr. Chris Lakhan)
0366402-1-2016W   Remote Sensing (Dr. Chris Lakhan)
0366410-1-2016W   Environmental Assessment and Monitoring (Dr. Joel Gagnon)
0366436-1-2016W   Hydrogeology (Dr. Jianwen Yang)
0366441-1-2016W   Resource Dev.t and Environmental Impact (Dr. Chris Weisener)
0366499-1-2016W   Thesis Research in Environmental Science (Dr. Iain Samson)
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