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0365205-1-2016W   Statistics for the Sciences (Dr. Kazi Azad)
0365205-2-2016W   Statistics for the Sciences (Mr. Rajibul Mian Mian)
0365205-91-2016W   Statistics for the Sciences (Dr. Abdulkadir Hussein)
0365251-1-2016W   Introduction to Statistics (Dr. Abdulkadir Hussein)
0365351-1-2016W   Statistics (Dr. Severien Nkurunziza)
0365376-1-2016W   Stochastic Operations Research (Dr. Myron Hlynka)
0365455-16-2016W   Topics in Statistics (Dr. Severien Nkurunziza)
0365455-23-2016W   Topics in Statistics (Dr. Myron Hlynka)
0365542-1-2016W   Advanced Mathematical Statistics (Dr. Myron Hlynka)
0365543-1-2016W   Statistical Inference (Dr. Severien Nkurunziza)
0365555-1-2016W   Regression Analysis (Dr. Myron Hlynka)
0365559-28-2016W   Topics in Statistics: Data Mining (Dr. Myron Hlynka)
0365795-1-2016W   Seminar (TBA)
0365796-1-2016W   Major Paper (TBA)
0365797-1-2016W   Thesis (TBA)
0365798-1-2016W   Dissertation (TBA)
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