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0364131-1-2016W   Introductory Physics for Life Sciences 2 (Dr. Elena Maeva)
0364141-1-2016W   Introductory Physics II (Dr. Wladyslaw Kedzierski)
0364141-2-2016W   Introductory Physics II (Dr. Wladyslaw Kedzierski)
0364141-3-2016W   Introductory Physics II (Dr. Wladyslaw Kedzierski)
0364151-1-2016W   From Symmetry to Chaos in the Universe (Dr. Eugene Kim)
0364191-1-2016W   Introduction to Astronomy II (Mr. Steven Pellarin)
0364191-2-2016W   Introduction to Astronomy II (Mr. Steven Pellarin)
0364191-91-2016W   Introduction to Astronomy II (Mr. Mark Lubrick)
0364203-1-2016W   Physics and Society - The Present (Michael Busuttil)
0364250-1-2016W   Mechanics (Dr. Eugene Kim)
0364298-1-2016W   Co-op Work Term I (TBA)
0364310-1-2016W   Quantum Physics and Chemistry (Dr. Elena Maeva)
0364314-1-2016W   Quantum Physics and Chemistry (Dr. Elena Maeva)
0364323-1-2016W   Electromagnetic Waves (Dr. Chitra Rangan)
0364370-1-2016W   Introduction to Medical Physics (Dr. Steven Rehse)
0364398-1-2016W   Co-op Work Term II (TBA)
0364412-1-2016W   Research (TBA)
0364420-1-2016W   Classical Electrodynamics (Dr. William Baylis)
0364431-1-2016W   Introduction to Statistical Mechanics (Dr. Gordon Drake)
0364450-1-2016W   Quantum Mechanics I (Dr. Gordon Drake)
0364460-1-2016W   Condensed-Matter Physics (Dr. Mircea Pantea)
0364471-1-2016W   Introduction to Medical Imaging (Dr. Steven Rehse)
0364496-1-2016W   Technical Communication Skills (TBA)
0364498-1-2016W   Co-op Work Term III (TBA)
0364498-2-2016W   Co-op Work Term III (TBA)
0364510-1-2016W   Seminar for M.Sc. Students (TBA)
0364520-1-2016W   Classical Electrodynamics (Dr. William Baylis)
0364560-1-2016W   Solid State Physics I (Dr. Mircea Pantea)
0364610-1-2016W   Seminar for Ph.D. Students (TBA)
0364796-1-2016W   M.Sc. Major Paper (TBA)
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