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Computer Science
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0360100-30-2016W   Key Concepts in Computer Science (Mr. Nabil Abdullah)
0360104-1-2016W   Computer Concepts for End-Users (Mr. Nabil Abdullah)
0360104-30-2016W   Computer Concepts for End-Users (Mr. Ross Ferrara)
0360104-91-2016W   Computer Concepts for End-Users (Mr. David Mayo)
0360106-30-2016W   Programming in C for Beginners (Ms. Mina Maleki)
0360140-1-2016W   Intro to Algorithms & Programming I (Dr. Xiaobu Yuan)
0360141-1-2016W   Intro to Algorithms and Programming II (Dr. Robert Kent)
0360141-2-2016W   Intro to Algorithms and Programming II (Dr. Ziad Kobti)
0360205-30-2016W   Introduction to the Internet (Prof. Lili Saghafi)
0360205-91-2016W   Introduction to the Internet (Mr. David Mayo)
0360207-91-2016W   Problem Solving and Info on the Internet (Ms. Evia El-Habash)
0360209-91-2016W   Social Media & Mobile Tech. for End User (Ms. Kristina Verner)
0360212-1-2016W   Object-Oriented Programming Using Java (Dr. Dan Wu)
0360214-1-2016W   Languages, Grammars, and Translators (Dr. Luis Rueda)
0360254-1-2016W   Data Structures & Algorithms (Dr. Scott Goodwin)
0360256-1-2016W   System Programming (Dr. Jessica Chen)
0360265-1-2016W   Computer Architecture I: Digital Design (Mr. Numanul Subhani)
0360266-1-2016W   Computer Architecture II: Micro. Program (Dr. Alioune Ngom)
0360270-91-2016W   Advanced Website Design (Ms. Evia El-Habash)
0360280-1-2016W   Software Development (Ahmad Soleimani)
0360298-1-2016W   Co-op Work Term I (TBA)
0360305-91-2016W   Cyber-Ethics (Ms. Kristina Verner)
0360307-91-2016W   Web-Based Data Management (Mr. Stephen Karamatos)
0360315-1-2016W   Database Management Systems (Pooya Moradian Zadeh)
0360322-1-2016W   Object-Oriented Software Analysis/Design (Dr. Dan Wu)
0360330-1-2016W   Operating Systems Fundamentals (Dr. Luis Rueda)
0360334-30-2016W   World Wide Web Information System Devel. (Prof. Paul Preney)
0360340-30-2016W   Adv Object Oriented Sys Design Using C++ (Prof. Paul Preney)
0360352-1-2016W   Introduction to Computer Graphics (Dr. Boubakeur Boufama)
0360371-1-2016W   Artificial Intelligence Concepts (Dr. Robin Gras)
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