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0359110-1-2016W   Topics in General Chemistry (Dr. Keith Taylor)
0359110-2-2016W   Topics in General Chemistry (Dr. Keith Taylor)
0359141-1-2016W   General Chemistry II (Dr. Jeremy Rawson)
0359141-2-2016W   General Chemistry II (Dr. Jeremy Rawson)
0359191-1-2016W   Organic/Biological Chem./Health Sciences (Dr. Lana Lee)
0359230-1-2016W   Introductory Organic Chemistry (Dr. Zhuo Wang)
0359232-1-2016W   Introductory Organic Chemistry (Dr. Zhuo Wang)
0359235-1-2016W   Introductory Organic Chemistry II (Dr. Jim Green)
0359241-1-2016W   Introductory Physical Chemistry II (Dr. Jichang Wang)
0359251-1-2016W   Introductory Inorganic Chemistry II (Dr. Stephen Loeb)
0359261-1-2016W   Organic Chemistry of Biomolecules (Dr. Michael Boffa)
0359263-1-2016W   Organic Chemistry of Biomolecules (Dr. Michael Boffa)
0359321-1-2016W   Princ./Instrumental Analysis (Dr. Bulent Mutus)
0359331-1-2016W   Intermediate Organic Chemistry (Dr. Jim Green)
0359333-1-2016W   Intermediate Organic Chemistry (Dr. Jim Green)
0359351-1-2016W   Materials Chemistry (Dr. Tricia Carmichael)
0359363-1-2016W   Metabolism II (Dr. Lana Lee)
0359365-1-2016W   Protein & Nucleic Acid Chemistry (Dr. Lana Lee)
0359380-1-2016W   Biotechnology Laboratory (Dr. John Hudson)
0359380-2-2016W   Biotechnology Laboratory (Dr. John Hudson)
0359380-3-2016W   Biotechnology Laboratory (Dr. John Hudson)
0359380-4-2016W   Biotechnology Laboratory (Dr. John Hudson)
0359410-1-2016W   Research (Dr. James Gauld)
0359435-1-2016W   Advanced Organic Chemistry (Dr. Holger Eichhorn)
0359451-1-2016W   Special Topics in Inorganic Chemistry (Dr. Jeremy Rawson)
0359452-1-2016W   Surface Chemistry and Analysis (Dr. Tricia Carmichael)
0359464-1-2016W   Enzymology and Biotechnology (Dr. Otis Vacratsis)
0359466-1-2016W   Drug Design (Dr. Sirinart Ananvoranich)
0359476-1-2016W   Topic: Intro. to Polymer Chemistry (Dr. Zhuo Wang)
0359480-1-2016W   Bioinformatics/Genomics/Proteomics (Dr. Siyaram Pandey)
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