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0355101-1-2016W   Organisms and the Environment (Dr. Julie Smit)
0355101-91-2016W   Organisms and the Environment (Dr. Stephanie Doucet)
0355140-1-2016W   Biological Diversity (Dr. Dora Cavallo-Medved)
0355140-2-2016W   Biological Diversity (Dr. Dora Cavallo-Medved)
0355202-1-2016W   Human Anatomy (Miss Rosa-Maria Ferraiuolo)
0355203-91-2016W   Introductory Molecular Biology (Dr. Andrew Hubberstey)
0355205-1-2016W   Human Physiology II (Dr. Kirsten Poling)
0355208-1-2016W   Plants and Society (Dr. Julie Smit)
0355213-1-2016W   Introductory Molecular Biology (Dr. Andrew Hubberstey)
0355258-1-2016W   Principles of Neuroscience (Dr. Huiming Zhang)
0355323-1-2016W   Animal Behaviour (Dr. Christina Semeniuk)
0355324-1-2016W   Population Ecology (Dr. Kirsten Poling)
0355325-1-2016W   Community Ecology (Dr. Sherah Vanlaerhoven)
0355341-1-2016W   Evolution (Dr. Mattias Johansson)
0355350-91-2016W   Molecular Cell Biology (Dr. Lisa Porter)
0355351-1-2016W   Medical Microbiology (Dr. Tanya Noel)
0355351-2-2016W   Medical Microbiology (Dr. Tanya Noel)
0355351-91-2016W   Medical Microbiology (Dr. Subba Rao Chaganti)
0355352-1-2016W   Medical Micro & Techniques (Dr. Tanya Noel)
0355353-1-2016W   Advanced Cell Biology (Dr. Andrew Swan)
0355359-1-2016W   Invertebrate Biology (Dr. Jan Ciborowski)
0355380-1-2016W   Biotechnology Laboratory (Dr. John Hudson)
0355380-2-2016W   Biotechnology Laboratory (Dr. John Hudson)
0355380-3-2016W   Biotechnology Laboratory (Dr. John Hudson)
0355380-4-2016W   Biotechnology Laboratory (Dr. John Hudson)
0355410-1-2016W   Speciation (Dr. Stephanie Doucet)
0355420-1-2016W   Undergraduate Research in Biology (Dr. Phillip Karpowicz)
0355423-1-2016W   Undergraduate Research in Biology (Dr. Phillip Karpowicz)
0355453-1-2016W   Biology of Cell Transformation (Dr. John Hudson)
0355454-1-2016W   Regenerative Biology and Disease (Dr. Lisa Porter)
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