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Women's Studies
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0253100-1-2016W   Women in Canadian Society (Ms. Nancy Gobatto)
0253120-91-2016W   Women and Friendship (Ms. Brandi Lucier)
0253201-1-2016W   Women, Sexuality, and Social Justice (Dr. Pauline Phipps)
0253201-2-2016W   Women, Sexuality, and Social Justice (Dr. Danielle Price)
0253201-3-2016W   Women, Sexuality, and Social Justice (Ms. Nancy Gobatto)
0253206-1-2016W   Work and Equality (Dr. Urvashi Soni-Sinha)
0253220-1-2016W   Women's Bodies, Women's Health (Dr. Betty Barrett)
0253300-30-2016W   Women, Knowledge, and Reality (Dr. Catherine Hundleby)
0253301-1-2016W   Frameworks for Feminist Research (Dr. Pauline Phipps)
0253310-1-2016W   Women and the Law (Dr. Jane Ku)
0253320-1-2016W   Women, Power, and Environments (Ms. Rochelle Stevenson)
0253340-1-2016W   Women, War, and Peace (Dr. Natalie Atkin)
0253345-1-2016W   Tough Chicks:Women's Strength in Society (Ms. Nancy Gobatto)
0253350-1-2016W   Special Topics (Dr. Christopher J. Greig)
0253351-1-2016W   Practical Strategies for Social Change (Dr. Frances Cachon)
0253354-1-2016W   Gender, Space, and Time (Dr. Jane Ku)
0253355-1-2016W   Feminist Social Work Practice (Dr. Betty Barrett)
0253400-1-2016W   Seminar (Dr. Cara Fabre)
0253450-1-2016W   Practicum in Social Change (Dr. Dusty Johnstone)
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