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0248100-1-2016W   Understanding Social Life (Dr. Renu Sharma-Persaud)
0248110-1-2016W   Foundations of Social Life (Dr. Danielle Soulliere)
0248204-1-2016W   Sociology of Families (Dr. Renu Sharma-Persaud)
0248205-1-2016W   Sociology of Sexualities (Dr. Francisca Omorodion)
0248217-1-2016W   Religion and Society (Dr. Renu Sharma-Persaud)
0248227-30-2016W   Globalization, Development&Social Change (Dr. Jack Kapac)
0248251-1-2016W   Women, Sexuality, and Social Justice (Dr. Pauline Phipps)
0248260-1-2016W   Introduction to Criminology (Mr. George Mason)
0248262-30-2016W   Introduction to Criminal Justice (Mr. Thomas Groulx)
0248290-1-2016W   Researching Social Life (Dr. Mark Munsterhjelm)
0248291-1-2016W   Theorizing Social Life (Dr. Reza Nakhaie)
0248301-1-2016W   Sociology of Childhood (Dr. Gerald Cradock)
0248308-1-2016W   Intermediate Statistics (Dr. Alan Phipps)
0248308-2-2016W   Intermediate Statistics (Dr. Robert Arnold)
0248323-1-2016W   Forensic Anthropology (Dr. John Albanese)
0248329-1-2016W   Contemporary Families (Dr. Robert Arnold)
0248333-1-2016W   Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict (Dr. Cheran Rudhramoorthy)
0248350-1-2016W   Practical Strategies for Social Change (Dr. Frances Cachon)
0248351-30-2016W   Gay and Lesbian Studies (Dr. Jack Kapac)
0248352-1-2016W   Citizenship, Rights, and Social Justice (Dr. Frances Cachon)
0248353-1-2016W   Women, Power, & the Environment (Ms. Rochelle Stevenson)
0248354-1-2016W   Gender, Space, and Time (Dr. Jane Ku)
0248356-1-2016W   Cultural Theory (TBA)
0248361-1-2016W   Youth in Conflict with the Law (Dr. Ruth Mann)
0248368-1-2016W   Policing and Security (Dr. Randy Lippert)
0248371-1-2016W   Drugs and Society (Dr. Jacqueline Lewis)
0248373-1-2016W   Contemporary Crimin. Theory (Dr. John Deukmedjian)
0248390-1-2016W   Qualitative Appro. to Soc. & Cult. Res. (Dr. Ruth Mann)
0248390-2-2016W   Qualitative Appro. to Soc. & Cult. Res. (Dr. Mark Munsterhjelm)
0248391-30-2016W   Contemporary Social Theory (Dr. Paul Datta)
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