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0246115-30-2016W   Intro. to Psychology/Behavioural Science (Marc Frey)
0246116-1-2016W   Introduction- Psychology/Social Science (Dr. Jill Singleton-Jackson)
0246116-2-2016W   Introduction- Psychology/Social Science (Dr. Jill Singleton-Jackson)
0246116-30-2016W   Introduction- Psychology/Social Science (Dr. Kenneth Cramer)
0246223-1-2016W   Developmental Psychology: The Child (Mr. Daniel Beliciu)
0246224-1-2016W   Developmental Psychology: Adolescence (Dr. Patti Fritz)
0246225-30-2016W   Dev. Psychology: Adulthood and Aging (Mr. Carlo Grandi)
0246228-1-2016W   Abnormal Psychology (Dr. Calvin Langton)
0246230-1-2016W   Social Science Research Methods (Dr. Kendall Soucie)
0246230-30-2016W   Social Science Research Methods (Dr. Kendall Soucie)
0246236-1-2016W   Introduction to Social Psychology (Dr. Kenneth Cramer)
0246240-30-2016W   Psychology of Sex and Gender (Dr. Scott Mattson)
0246256-1-2016W   Intro. to the Brain & Human Behaviour (Dr. Christopher Abeare)
0246320-1-2016W   Tests & Measurement (Dr. Laszlo Erdodi)
0246320-30-2016W   Tests & Measurement (Dr. Laszlo Erdodi)
0246322-1-2016W   Child Psychopathology (Dr. Calvin Langton)
0246323-1-2016W   Developmental Disabilities (Dr. Joseph Casey)
0246324-1-2016W   Educational Psychology (Dr. Anoop Gupta)
0246331-1-2016W   Conducting Research in Psychology (Dr. Kim Babb)
0246333-1-2016W   Introduction to Clinical Psychology (Jean Kim)
0246335-1-2016W   Human Sensation and Perception (Dr. Lori Buchanan)
0246350-1-2016W   Practical Strategies for Social Change (Dr. Frances Cachon)
0246353-1-2016W   Learning & Behaviour (Dr. Jerome Cohen)
0246358-1-2016W   Cognitive Processes (Dr. Anne Baird)
0246370-1-2016W   Organizational Psychology (Dr. Catherine Kwantes)
0246400-1-2016W   Topic: Older Adults and Well Being (Dr. Anne Baird)
0246415-1-2016W   History and Systems of Psychology (Dr. Julie Hakim-Larson)
0246421-1-2016W   The Psychology of the Family (Dr. Phebe Lam)
0246422-1-2016W   Advanced Developmental Psychology (Dr. Julie Hakim-Larson)
0246427-1-2016W   Methods of Behavioural Change (Dr. Rosanne Menna)
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