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Political Science
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0245100-1-2016W   Intro/Canadian Government and Politics (Dr. Stephen Brooks)
0245130-1-2016W   Comparative Politics in Changing World (Dr. Elena Maltseva)
0245160-1-2016W   Introduction to International Relations (Dr. Anna Lanoszka)
0245201-1-2016W   Current Issues in Canadian Politics (Dr. Cheryl Collier)
0245204-1-2016W   Issues in Quebec Politics (French) (Dr. Emmanuelle Richez)
0245232-1-2016W   Government and Politics of the US (Dr. Stephen Brooks)
0245245-1-2016W   Contemporary Issues in International Rel (Dr. Andrew Richter)
0245249-1-2016W   Political Economy of Agriculture & Food (Dr. Jamey Essex)
0245252-30-2016W   Modern Political Thought (Mr. Duane Falconer)
0245261-1-2016W   Politics, History, & Western Religions (Dr. Roy Amore)
0245270-1-2016W   Information Searching and Analysis (Dr. Jim Wittebols)
0245275-1-2016W   Research Methods in Political Science (Dr. Lydia Miljan)
0245314-1-2016W   Constitutional Law & Politics in Canada (Dr. Emmanuelle Richez)
0245326-1-2016W   Local Government (Dr. John Sutcliffe)
0245346-1-2016W   Asian Government and Politics (Dr. Roy Amore)
0245354-1-2016W   Political Problems of Econ Development (Dr. Anna Lanoszka)
0245361-1-2016W   U.S. Foreign Policy (Dr. Stephen Brooks)
0245363-91-2016W   Principles of International Law (Ms. Cynthia Nantais)
0245365-1-2016W   The Middle East in International Rel.ns (Dr. Tom Najem)
0245393-1-2016W   Public Serv. Mgmt./Internship Seminar (Ms. Joyce Zuk)
0245411-1-2016W   Can. Politics: Participation & Process (Dr. Emmanuelle Richez)
0245412-1-2016W   Canadian Federalism (Dr. Cheryl Collier)
0245462-1-2016W   Approaches to Research-Int.l Relations (Dr. Tom Najem)
0245488-1-2016W   Top: Ethics & Reform in Can. Parliament (Mr. Joseph Comartin)
0245488-2-2016W   Third World in International Relations (Dr. Elena Maltseva)
0245492-1-2016W   Public Serv. Mgmt. Internship Practicum (Ms. Joyce Zuk)
0245495-1-2016W   Advanced Topics in Canadian Foreign Poli (Dr. Andrew Richter)
0245513-1-2016W   Federalism in Canada (Dr. Cheryl Collier)
0245514-1-2016W   Can. Politics: Participation & Processes (Dr. Emmanuelle Richez)
0245530-1-2016W   Politics in the Developed World (Dr. William Anderson)
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