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0243111-1-2016W   Making History: Methods and Practices (Dr. Pauline Phipps)
0243114-1-2016W   Europe: Age of Discovery,15-18th Century (Dr. Guy Lazure)
0243124-1-2016W   The World in the 20th Century:1945-Pres (Dr. Adam Pole)
0243211-1-2016W   Islamic History: Consol.& Expn 1000-1500 (Dr. Shauna Huffaker)
0243244-1-2016W   Canada Since Confederation, 1867-Present (Dr. Guillaume Teasdale)
0243247-1-2016W   Aboriginal Peoples Cdn Hist:Mid19th-Pres (Dr. Guillaume Teasdale)
0243250-1-2016W   Women in Canada &U.S., 1870-Present (Dr. Yukari Takai)
0243262-1-2016W   History of America, 1877 to the Present (Dr. Yukari Takai)
0243287-91-2016W   History of Crime (Dr. Adam Pole)
0243303-1-2016W   Schools of Historical Thought (Dr. Christina Burr)
0243310-1-2016W   Gender in Islamic History (Dr. Shauna Huffaker)
0243321-1-2016W   Colonialism in Africa, 1830s-1960s (Dr. Mohamed Hassan Mohamed)
0243340-1-2016W   Women, War and Peace (Dr. Natalie Atkin)
0243349-1-2016W   Canadian Labour History (Ms. Brandi Lucier)
0243368-1-2016W   North American Popular Culture (Dr. Christina Burr)
0243397-1-2016W   Topic: French Canada, 1500-2000 (Dr. Guillaume Teasdale)
0243435-1-2016W   The Early Modern Atlantic World (Dr. Guy Lazure)
0243445-1-2016W   Politcs/Society in Indust Can 1890-1930s (TBA)
0243497-1-2016W   Immigrant Exp./United States: 1830-1945 (Dr. Yukari Takai)
0243497-2-2016W   Topic: Expo '67 Canada International (Dr. Steven Palmer)
0243497-3-2016W   Special Topic: State of Apartheid (Dr. Mohamed Hassan Mohamed)
0243497-4-2016W   Top:Hist. Thru. People/ Wartime Leaders (Mr. Robert Dienesch)
0243504-1-2016W   Research Methods (Dr. Steven Palmer)
0243511-1-2016W   Modernity (Dr. Miriam Wright)
0243513-1-2016W   Class in the Anglo Atlantic (Dr. Peter Way)
0243597-1-2016W   Selected Topics: The Modern Girl (Dr. Christina Burr)
0243796-1-2016W   Major Paper (Dr. Guy Lazure)
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