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Communication Studies
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0240101-1-2016W   Introduction to Media and Society (Dr. Kyle Asquith)
0240140-1-2016W   Introduction to Film Studies (Dr. James Winter)
0240200-1-2016W   Critical Digital Literacies (Dr. Vincent Manzerolle)
0240205-1-2016W   Introductory Photography (Prof. Brenda Francis Pelkey)
0240210-1-2016W   Speech Communication to Inform (Dr. Simon Du Toit)
0240213-30-2016W   Podcasting and Internet Media (Dr. Garth Rennie)
0240219-1-2016W   Digital Media Production II (Mr. Michael Stasko)
0240219-2-2016W   Digital Media Production II (Mr. Michael Stasko)
0240225-1-2016W   Media Literacy (Dr. Paul Boin)
0240234-1-2016W   Research Methods in Communication (Dr. Garth Rennie)
0240245-1-2016W   Comm. & Cultural Policy in Canada (Dr. John Cappucci)
0240275-1-2016W   Theories of Communication and Media (Dr. Vincent Manzerolle)
0240301-1-2016W   Digital Technologies and Everyday Life (Dr. Susan Bryant)
0240304-1-2016W   Privacy/Surveillance in Digital Age (Dr. Vincent Manzerolle)
0240327-1-2016W   Digital Video Editing & Post-Production (Mr. Tony Lau)
0240350-30-2016W   Scriptwriting for Visual Media (Prof. Heather Hartley)
0240370-1-2016W   Alternative Media & Digital Activism (Dr. Paul Boin)
0240375-1-2016W   Critical Approaches to Media and Culture (Dr. Brian Brown)
0240382-1-2016W   Advert. New Media Era: Contemp. Issues & (Dr. Kyle Asquith)
0240398-1-2016W   Internship I (Dr. Susan Bryant)
0240399-1-2016W   Internship II (Dr. Susan Bryant)
0240403-1-2016W   Advanced Studies in Media Culture (Dr. Brian Brown)
0240423-1-2016W   Advertising/Marketing Campaign Product.n (Mr. Tony Lau)
0240424-1-2016W   Advanced Non-Fiction Media Production (Mr. Michael Stasko)
0240426-30-2016W   Advanced Message Design (Dr. Richard Lewis)
0240428-30-2016W   Senior Project (Mr. Tony Lau)
0240443-1-2016W   Advanced Film Theory & Criticism (Prof. Heather Hartley)
0240462-1-2016W   Comm. Perspectives & Aboriginal People (Dr. Garth Rennie)
0240489-1-2016W   Selected Topics In Design & App. (Dr. Richard Lewis)
0240495-1-2016W   Directed Readings/CV (Dr. Richard Lewis)
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