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0134110-1-2016W   Introduction to Western Philosophy (Dr. Hans Hansen)
0134112-1-2016W   Philosophy and Human Nature (Dr. David Guetter)
0134129-1-2016W   Contemporary Moral Issues (Prof. Kate Parr)
0134129-30-2016W   Contemporary Moral Issues (Dr. Mark Letteri)
0134160-1-2016W   Reasoning Skills (Dr. Christopher Tindale)
0134160-2-2016W   Reasoning Skills (Dr. Hans Hansen)
0134160-3-2016W   Reasoning Skills (Dr. Brian Macpherson)
0134160-30-2016W   Reasoning Skills (Dr. David Guetter)
0134160-91-2016W   Reasoning Skills (Prof. Kate Parr)
0134160-92-2016W   Reasoning Skills (Prof. Sandra Orsini)
0134162-1-2016W   Logic and Argumentation (Dr. Catherine Hundleby)
0134221-1-2016W   Introduction to Ethics (Dr. Christopher Tindale)
0134221-2-2016W   Introduction to Ethics (Dr. Mark Letteri)
0134225-30-2016W   Ethics of Life,Death, Health Care (Dr. Brian Macpherson)
0134226-1-2016W   Law, Punishment and Morality (Dr. Marcello Guarini)
0134228-1-2016W   Technology, Human Values and the Env. (Dr. Philip Rose)
0134240-1-2016W   Philosophy of Religion (Dr. Mark Letteri)
0134261-1-2016W   Informal Logic: Argumentation (Prof. Kate Parr)
0134266-1-2016W   Reasoning About Weird Things (Dr. David Guetter)
0134276-1-2016W   Early Modern Philosophy (Dr. Philip Rose)
0134280-1-2016W   Philosphical Themes in Modern Literature (Dr. Deborah Cook)
0134323-1-2016W   Human Rights and Global Justice (Dr. Jeff Noonan)
0134359-30-2016W   Women, Knowledge and Reality (Dr. Catherine Hundleby)
0134378-1-2016W   Nineteenth Century Philosophy (Dr. Radu Neculau)
0134473-1-2016W   Recent American Philosophy (Dr. Hans Hansen)
0134521-1-2016W   Topics in Social & Political Philosophy (Dr. Radu Neculau)
0134573-1-2016W   Recent American Philosophy (Dr. Hans Hansen)
0134577-1-2016W   Topic: Adorno on Freedom (Dr. Deborah Cook)
0134590-1-2016W   Departmental Seminar (Dr. Jeff Noonan)
0134796-1-2016W   Major Paper (Dr. Catherine Hundleby)
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