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0129122-1-2016W   French Language Training II (Dr. Judy Sinanga-Ohlmann)
0129122-2-2016W   French Language Training II (Dr. Jean-Pierre De Villers)
0129141-1-2016W   Introduction to Literary Studies (Dr. Judy Sinanga-Ohlmann)
0129215-1-2016W   Oral Proficiency in French I (Dr. Jean-Guy Mboudjeke)
0129222-1-2016W   French Language Training IV (Dr. Jean-Pierre De Villers)
0129222-2-2016W   French Language Training IV (Dr. Jean-Pierre De Villers)
0129231-1-2016W   Introduction to Linguistics II (Dr. Tanja Collet-Najem)
0129260-1-2016W   Modern French Culture (Dr. Jeremy Worth)
0129284-1-2016W   Novel/Quebec & Other Francophone Regions (Dr. Nathalie Dolbec)
0129315-1-2016W   Oral Proficiency in French II (Dr. Nathalie Dolbec)
0129329-1-2016W   Aspects of Translation II (Dr. Tanja Collet-Najem)
0129329-2-2016W   Aspects of Translation II (Dr. Jean-Guy Mboudjeke)
0129330-1-2016W   Applied Linguistics (Dr. Tanja Collet-Najem)
0129333-1-2016W   Sociolinguistic Aspects of French in Can (Dr. Jean-Guy Mboudjeke)
0129354-1-2016W   The Modern Novel and Theatre (Dr. Judy Sinanga-Ohlmann)
0129357-1-2016W   Contemporary Critical Theory (Dr. Jeremy Worth)
0129358-1-2016W   Francophone Literature of the Maghreb (Dr. Mustapha Hamil)
0129490-1-2016W   Advanced Cultural Studies (Dr. Jean-Pierre De Villers)
0129498-1-2016W   Applied Linguistics (Dr. Tanja Collet-Najem)
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