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0126100-1-2016W   Composition (TBA)
0126100-2-2016W   Composition (TBA)
0126100-3-2016W   Composition (TBA)
0126100-30-2016W   Composition (TBA)
0126100-4-2016W   Composition (TBA)
0126100-6-2016W   Composition (Prof. Anita Hurwitz)
0126100-7-2016W   Composition (Prof. Anita Hurwitz)
0126100-8-2016W   Composition (Prof. Anita Hurwitz)
0126100-91-2016W   Composition (Mrs. Lenore Langs)
0126100-92-2016W   Composition (TBA)
0126123-1-2016W   Drama of Western World: The Comic Vision (Dr. Mark Johnston)
0126128-1-2016W   Women and Literature (Dr. Susan Holbrook)
0126140-95-2016W   Topics. in Lit. : Children's Literature (Dr. Danielle Price)
0126201-1-2016W   Apocalyptic, Utopian & Dystopian Writing (Dr. Andre Narbonne)
0126202-1-2016W   Topic Pride and Prejudice (Dr. Suzanne Matheson)
0126203-1-2016W   Creative Writing I (Dr. Karl Jirgens)
0126211-1-2016W   Later British Literature (Dr. Nicole Markotic)
0126211-2-2016W   Later British Literature (Dr. Suzanne Matheson)
0126260-1-2016W   Canadian Literature (Dr. Karl Jirgens)
0126290-1-2016W   Introduction to Rhetoric (Dr. Dale Jacobs)
0126291-1-2016W   History of the English Language (Dr. Joanna Luft)
0126302-1-2016W   Writing About The Arts (Practicum) (Dr. Dale Jacobs)
0126304-1-2016W   Creative Writing - Short Story (Dr. Nicole Markotic)
0126306-1-2016W   Publishing Practicum (TBA)
0126306-2-2016W   Publishing Practicum (Mr. Marty Gervais)
0126314-1-2016W   Love & Adventure in French Romance (Dr. Joanna Luft)
0126324-1-2016W   17th-Century Non-Dramatic Literature (Dr. Stephen Pender)
0126327-1-2016W   Shakespeare II (Dr. Mark Johnston)
0126344-1-2016W   Later Romanticism (Dr. Suzanne Matheson)
0126348-1-2016W   Victorian Literature:The Victorian Child (Dr. Danielle Price)
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