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0124118-1-2016W   Rendering for the Theatre (Mr. David Court)
0124121-1-2016W   Voice for the Actor II (Prof. Michael Keating)
0124127-1-2016W   Movement for the Actor II (Prof. Gina Riley)
0124129-1-2016W   Improvisation and Intro to Acting II (Ms. Meaghen Quinn)
0124161-1-2016W   Intro to Drama in Educ. and Community II (Prof. Gail Murray)
0124200-1-2016W   The Nature of Theatre II (Dr. Simon Du Toit)
0124210-1-2016W   Speech Communication to Inform (Dr. Simon Du Toit)
0124221-1-2016W   Voice for the Actor IV (Prof. Michael Keating)
0124224-1-2016W   Acting for Theatre II (Prof. Brian Taylor)
0124227-1-2016W   Movement for the Actor IV (Prof. Gina Riley)
0124230-1-2016W   Theatre History II (Dr. Erica Stevens Abbitt)
0124230-2-2016W   Theatre History II (Dr. Erica Stevens Abbitt)
0124235-1-2016W   Introductory Acting II (Dr. Deborah Cottreau)
0124250-1-2016W   Stage Makeup (Prof. Esther Van Eek)
0124250-2-2016W   Stage Makeup (Prof. Esther Van Eek)
0124261-1-2016W   Drama in the Classroom:Applications I (Dr. Tina Pugliese)
0124276-91-2016W   Principles/Practices of Arts Mgt II (Ms. Jane Needles)
0124278-1-2016W   Improvisation: Working with Text (Ms. Meaghen Quinn)
0124284-1-2016W   Creative Movement and Voice I (Prof. Bernie Warren)
0124319-1-2016W   Studies in Design (Mr. David Court)
0124323-1-2016W   Acting-Work in Progress III (TBA)
0124324-1-2016W   Acting-Work in Progress IV (Prof. Gordon McCall)
0124351-1-2016W   Production Problems (Dr. Tina Pugliese)
0124351-30-2016W   Production Problems (Dr. Tina Pugliese)
0124352-1-2016W   Production Problems (Dr. Tina Pugliese)
0124352-30-2016W   Production Problems (Dr. Tina Pugliese)
0124353-30-2016W   Production Problems:Stage Management (Dr. Tina Pugliese)
0124360-1-2016W   Drama in the Classroom: Applications II (Ms. Paula Wing)
0124371-1-2016W   Literacy in Action (Dr. Tina Pugliese)
0124400-1-2016W   Style in Theatre (Ms. Meaghen Quinn)
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